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Animation & VFX

Columbia Access TV : Projects

General Film

Motion Graphics

Learning Adobe AfterEffects


Studios & Production Companies


MK12 is a design and filmmaking collective based in Kansas City, Missouri, with acclaim in both commercial and artistic arenas. Founded in 2000 by art school refugees Jed Carter, Timmy Fisher, Matt Fraction and [Ben Radatz] and later joined by designer / composer Shaun Hamontree and computer guru Chad Perry, MK12's work constantly challenges the boundaries between narrative structure and experimental storytelling via juxtapositions of live action, graphic design, nostalgic influence and new technologies.

Motion Graphics Interest Organizations

  • EPX Studio The world is increasingly moving from static to animated, linear to emergent, and passive to interactive. EPX Studio is dedicated to mastering the principles and technologies driving these changes. EPX Studio (formally AIUI) is a student organization that develops different media like video games, animations, websites, product design, robotics, and whatever else our members are interested in. We do this by providing an interdisciplinary, educational environment for talented, self-driven individuals. We utilize our N.E.R.D.S. (networking, education, resources, development, and support) core to design interactive digital media. Through networking, we provide education and resources for our yearly projects and each member’s is promoted development, while creating a supportive environment. We are always looking for students or community members interested in the fields of interactive media (games, animations, websites, robotics, product design) to come work with us no matter what their background, business, journalism and writing, the arts, computer science, engineering, etc. If you are interested please join our group on facebook:

Individual Artists and Minor Studios

Motion Graphics Examples

Gnarles Barkley - Crazy The Grouch - Artsy Juno Reactor - Song for the Ancestors SWISS Air - Marc Forster
The 2013 Showreel of Magnus Engsfors. Digital Domain VFX Reel Motion graphics live performance in Japan Remon Claassen SHOWREEL 2014
The Innovation of Loneliness Justin Demetrician BEEPLE Monkey Talkie Show Reel

- 3D Photoshop Amazingness 4K movie / Beauty retouch from foton inc.

Learning Tips & Techniques

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