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The more daring among us commute by motorcycle. Granted, riding a motorcycle is a great deal of fun, and a whole lot windier. Yet, as Lit Motors CEO Dan Kim notes, there hasn’t been much progress in terms of safety with the production of motorcycles. Thrill and safety have an inverse relationship, and with that in mind, he has set out to reinvent the motorcycle with the fully enclosed C1.

It seems as if the C1 rode straight out of a science fiction film. The two-wheeler exists somewhere between motorcycle and car with the small form factor of a motorcycle and the safety of a car. Yet, with the design, one may wonder how it doesn’t tip over. That problem is dealt with by a gyroscopes that provides over 1,300lb/ft of torque. As demonstrated in the video’s animation, the C1 will manage to stay upright in the event of a collision. The C1 is fully electric. Two 40-kilowatt electric motors give the vehicle a top speed of 120mph. One full charge can yield about 200 miles. With progress in mind, the C1 is connected in nearly every way, offering H2V, H2C, V2l, and V2V connectivity, traffic, construction, and weather information will be sent to the C1 so that the driver is always up to date.

Granted, traditional motorcycle enthusiasts may take issue with the C1′s design. It’s not open air, and you’re sitting inside rather than on the vehicle. One may argue that the C1 has much less bravado, but that isn’t the point of the C1. Dan Kim’s concept bike combines mobility, flexibility, and safety. Motorcycle accidents are gruesome, and riding one begs the question, “Is it really worth the risk?” The C1 decreases that risk while providing the same essential functions with a semi-futuristic design. The expected price of a C1 is $16,000, and Lit Motors is aiming for a 2013 release date. For a safer motorcycle, that doesn’t seem all that expensive.

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