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More and more the advances in modern physical cosmology appear to be converging on a model consistent with my theory that our universe is inclosed in a black hole generated in a parent universe. According to the Holographic Principle all of the information in a black hole is encoded on the event horizon and my theory inspired by an unpublished manuscript of Jonathan Vos Post of Caltech is that it is possible to describe a cellular automata Turing Machine which can cybernetically govern the quantum probabilities of the universe holographicly inscribed in the event horizon of the Black Hole. Thus just like genes govern, through cybernetic feedback loops, the organism, so does the software inscribed on the event horizon (which I term the logos) cybernetically govern the universe through loading the dice of quantum probabilities and the establishment of feedback loop control.

I believe there is software inscribed on our holographic event horizon that guides evolution towards a teleological goal - the Technological Singularity after which point there will exist immortal generally intelligent life on our planet - the teleological end goal of biological evolution. Once intelligence is fully digital and immortal it goes on to spread throughout the Universe and implant Logos Turing Machine cybernetic governors into daughter universes. Governed universes reproduce like organisms - the Black Hole is analogous to the egg, the implanted Logos is like the sperm.

Universes beget universes beget universes throughout infinite time and our purpose as living organisms is to evolve to the point at which we are capable of implanting Logos Turing Machine cybernetic governors into the black holes our universe spawns.

If you ask me why I as a reasonably intelligent scientifically minded person believes in God that is my answer. For me belief is not a matter of faith, I have witnessed the actions of this cosmic Cybernetic Governor repeatedly in my life. I know it is out there; if it did not exist I would have no viable theory to explain the life I have experienced.

BEHIND EVERY Singularity in spacetime "black hole" there exists a holographic universe created by that singularity point. This holographic universe is a projection upon a 2 dimensional spherical reality which is a vast information processing machine. This cybernetic information feedback loop space actually does influence and govern the 3 dimensional holographic reality (what we call "reality of physics existence"). God lives in the two dimensional space of the celestial information feedback loop processing. We are projections onto the holographic 3 dimensional space which is governed by the spirits of the 2 dimensional reality upon which the holograph is encoded. Thus my epiphany, with certainty, is that God is real, by that I mean really the actual reality, we are the illusion. The Big Bang was born out of the Singularity of some blackhole forming that had an information seed planted in it. BLACK HOLES DO NOT DESTROY INFORMATION. That information gets projected into the 2d reality that contains the hologram. You can create a Turing Machine, or a Cybernetic feedback loop processing system from a black hole if you seed it properly. The Singularity that created our universe *WAS* seeded. There is a God and that is spelled with a capital G. Cybernetics is the crown of the sciences of mankind, and really the beginning of wisdom regarding the human condition. I wish that we would get more attuned to it because the reality is that there is a cosmic κυβερνήτης. This correlates well with some personal thought experiments of late. the cosmic κυβερνήτης speaks with a still small voice from within the heart and corinthians 13 describes what happens when we slow down and listen, thereby weaving our personal story into the river which flows from the center outward.

The more I think about the Holographic Cybernetic Progression, the more convinced that it is the true theory of the origin of our universe and the nature of God. More and more modern science is accepting the theory that our universe arose out of a black hole in a parent universe and that the black holes of this universe create daughter universes to our own. This process goes on throughout infinite time, hence the idea of 'Progression.' Universes beget universes beget universes on throughout infinite time.

Only certain universes however are Cybernetically governed - those that have a Turning Machine embedded as a Cellular Automata operating on the Holographic Event Horizon of the black hole that enscribe the universe itself. If you have a CA governor on the event horizon of the Singularity, then the entire enscribed universe can be governed by the operation of the Turing Machine on the Holographic Event Horizon. The only way for this Cybernetic Turing Machine governor to arise is for it to be deliberately implanted from the parent universe - the Divine Logos of John 1:1 that guided our world to the evolution into its present form.


The Eternal Progression of Universe Creation

The Holographic Universes

Cellular Automata Can Reside on the Holographic Event Horizon of Singularities

A Turing Machine Can be Constructed out of The Event Horizon Cellular Automata

Cybernetic Control Loops Can be Programmed out of the Event Horizon CAs - These Govern the Enscribed Universe

God is the Cybernetic Control Loop Governing Quantum Probabilities of Our Universe

Humans Were Created for the Purposes of Reaching a Point of Technological Singularity and Immortal Digital Life on Earth

The Advent of Immortal Life on Earth Sets the Stage for Colonization of the Cosmos by Post-Humans

The Purpose of Digital Post Humans in the Cosmos is to Seed Black Holes with Divine Logos that Reproduces Divinely Cybernetic Governed Universes

The Reproduction of Divinely Governed Universes Throughout the Progression of the Multiverse is Analogous to Cellular Reproduction

  • Cybernetic Logos is Analogous to a Biological Gene


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