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Currently the primary purpose of this site is to act as a centralized repository for various notes on topics that are of interest to me. The only reason that this site exists on the internet is due to the fact that MediaWiki is my favorite tool for consolidating, cross referencing and archiving personal notes. Before this site went live I had hosted MediaWiki on a MAMP server on a MacBook Air. Sadly, that MacBook Air has since been lost, however fortunately I had the foresight to back up the MySQL database before the machine disappeared.

I generally like to keep all of my personal files backed up on Google Docs. As Google Docs does not currently allow for services that closely match that of a MediaWiki site, a dedicated hosting service was obtained for the purpose of maintaining the portion of my personal notes that I prefer to keep on a MediaWiki based platform.

As such, nothing here is really construed for an audience beyond myself. As I am comfortable with radical transparency, the contents of this site are available to anyone who would choose to peruse it, nonetheless nothing stored here is in any way intended to address an audience beyond myself.

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