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The Singularity is Near - Ray Kurzweil Accelerando - Strauss

Agora (Agora Social Capital, LLC - http://agora.net/ ) "Where people come to connect""

Rent a TA & exam proctors

Facebook / LinkedIn groups & lists

Finish Holographic Cybernetic Progression

Xbox tradeshow

(Second Life)

Pray for healthy blood pressure & end to dizziness

God controls neural nets


Google will squish us?

Screen could be either face or desktop.

Google will squish us?

God governs Neural Nets.


Repair relationship with Jim & Beverly

Pray for healthy blood pressure & end of dizziness spells.

Produce Man of Action Trilogy

Unity OS

M Language

PDX Zines

Bistro 741


Original iMac art supplies children's toys

Paul Andrew Rinehart 660-924-3900 574-529-8797

H2 Power Plant

Open chapters with quotes


No More Oil War

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