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Derek Anderson

Assistant Research Professor

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • 573-882-4436

Computer Vision - Pattern Recognition - Anomaly Detection - Imaging - Information Systems - Multimedia -Parallel Processing - Sensors - Signal Processing

Filiz Bunyak

Research Assistant Professor

  • Computer Science
  • 573-882-6483

Biomedical image analysis - Image/video processing - Computer vision - Biomedical Engineering - Imaging - Signal Processing

Cheng "Alec" Chang

Associate Professor & P.E.

  • Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • 573-882-9563

Information systems design - Engineering experimental design - Quality control systems and ISO9000 application - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - Imaging -Information Systems - Production - Quality Control / Management - Reliability- Six Sigma - Systems Design / Analysis

Curt Davis

Naka Endowed Professor

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • 573-884-3789

Geospatial intelligence - Satellite remote sensing - Image processing - Imaging - Information Systems - Remote Sensing - Signal Processing

Guilherme DeSouza

Associate Professor

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • 573-882-5579

Robotics and Robotic Vision - Human-Computer Interaction - Robotic Assistive Technology - Assistive Technology - Imaging - Remote Sensing - Robotics

Shinghua Ding

Assistant Professor

  • Biological Engineering
  • 573-884-2489

Fluorescent imaging - Molecular and celluar function in central nervous system - Neurodegenerative disease - Biomedical Engineering - Imaging

Ye Duan

Associate Professor

  • Computer Science
  • 573-882-3951

Computer graphics and visualization - Computer vision and biomedical imaging - Geometric and physics-based modeling - Bioinformatics - Biomedical Engineering - Imaging - Virtual Reality

Tony Han

Assistant Professor

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • 573-882-6630

Computer vision - Machine learning - Signal processing - Imaging - Signal Processing

Zhihai "Henry" He

Associate Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering 573-882-3495 Image/video processing Coding and network communication Wireless video sensor network Computer Security Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Imaging Multimedia Wireless Networks Zhihai "Henry" He

James Keller

Curators Electrical & Computer Engineering 573-882-7339 Pattern recognition Image processing Computational intelligence Computational Intelligence Imaging James Keller Pattern Recognition

Matthew Klaric

Assistant Research Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering 573-884-6400 Geospatial Intelligence Satellite Remote Sensing Image Processing Distributed Systems Entrepreneurship Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Imaging Information Systems Matthew Klaric Remote Sensing Signal Processing

Kannappan Palaniappan

Associate Professor Computer Science 573-884-9266 Biomedical image and video analysis Data mining and visualization Computer vision and pattern recognition Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Engineering Entertainment Engineering Imaging Kannappan Palaniappan Remote Sensing

Chi-Ren Shyu

Shumaker Endowed Professor Director of Informatics Institute Computer Science 573-882-3884 Biomedical informatics Geospatial information Data mining Bioinformatics Chi-Ren Shyu Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Health Care Systems Imaging Remote Sensing

Jinglu Tan

Department Chair James C. Dowell Professor Biological Engineering 573-882-2369 Imaging and classification of biological tissue Bioprocess modeling Bioinstrumentation Biomedical Engineering Imaging Jinglu Tan Sensors

John Viator

Associate Professor Biological Engineering 573-884-2862 Dermatologic and surgical applications Photoacoustic imaging Laser ablation of injured or diseased tissue Acoustics Biomedical Engineering Imaging John Viator Lasers Optics Signal Processing Tissue

Robert Winholtz

Associate Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 573-882-6322 Materials science X-ray topography and residual stresses Neutron radiography Heat Transfer Imaging Materials Nuclear Engineering Robert Winholtz

Gang Yao

Associate Professor Biological Engineering 573-884-7529 Tissue optics Light transport Optical imaging in turbid media Biomedical Engineering Gang Yao Imaging Optics Tissue

Alina Zare

Assistant Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering 573-882-4485 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Image and Signal Processing Remote Sensing Alina Zare Biomedical Engineering Explosives Imaging Remote Sensing Signal Processing

Xinhua Zhuang

C.W. LaPierre Professor Computer Science 573-882-2382 Multimedia coding, communications and security 3D vision and visualization Internet search Computer Security Imaging Multimedia Xinhua Zhuang

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