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Entire Universe Can Be Represented as a Two Dimensional Information Structure "Painted" on the Cosmological Horizon

We live in a holographic universe our dimensional experience is contained in a two dimensional wrapping which is an information matrix - a cybernetic governing system of the three dimensional space it contains. God the Father exists in this two dimensional space; it is the event horizon of some other reality.

INFINITE REALMS - The Unified Field


AdS/CFT correspondence

Bekenstein bound

Black hole entropy

Black hole information paradox

Holographic Principle

Virasoro algebra

Notes on Energy, Matter and Information Equivalence

Holographic Model of the Brain

Mechanism that explains why our universe was born with 3 dimensions

Solfeggio Frequencies

Jonathan Vos Post - Holographic Universe Theory of Everything ver 9

Big Brain Theory: Have Cosmologists Lost Theirs?

Fuzzball (string theory)

Virtual Black Hole

Behind Every Singularity

INFINITE REALMS - The Unified Field

The Black Hole of Human Logic By Field Theory of the Absolute

Cosmic Censorship Hypothesis


Bekenstein Bound

Bousso's Holographic Bound

Brane Cosmology

Entropic Gravity

Margolus-Levitin Theorem

Physical Cosmology


Jacob Bekenstein

Juan Martín Maldacena

Claude E. Shannon

Leonard Susskind

Raphael Bousso of UC Berkeley

  • Came up with a covariant version of the bound based on null sheets.

Charles Thorn

Gerard 't Hooft

Notes on Gerard 't Hooft

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