THEOLOGY:Cybernetics and the Holographic Univese (The Theist Perspective)

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LAST UPDATED 11-29-13 (Transcribed to Wiki)

Abstract : We herein investigate questions concerning the creation of black holes, the black hole information paradox (IS WRITTEN LAST)


The Black Hole Information Paradox

The Holographic Principle

Cybernetics of the Holographic Universe

1 Timothy 6:16 - He who alone is immortal and who "lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see."

" ~ " ---> could be rendered in the language of contemporary science as "God exists as an indestructible Cybernetic ("κυβερνήτης" - in, of course, the Weinerian sense of the term) Governor that exists upon and operates from the boundary of THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE." Like ·

The notion of a Deity in the Abrahamic sense makes some degree of sense if you accept the notion that a universal Turing machine can exist, operate upon, and indeed comprise the role of a Cybernetic Governor upon the event horizon of a Singularity. 15 minutes ago · Edited · Like

Singularities in Space-Time can be seeded with Turing Machine "Cybernetics" / Negative Feedback Loop Governors (remember how prominently that whole Sin / Grace negative feedback look governor operates in our religious traditions???) 12 minutes ago · Like

When Singularities are created in a Universe they open up the possibility of being seeded by a κυβερνήτης that governs the evolution of the "Universe" encoded by the "Holographic Universe" on the event horizon of the Singularity.

The story of Religion is in fact that of Divine Reproduction - cosmic κυβερνήτης installed to govern created Singularities (the "other side" of the Big Bang being a Black Hole formation from another Universe).

This κυβερνήτης of the Event Horizon / "Inapproachable Light" / Holographic Boundary proceeds to reproduce new Universal κυβερνήτης in its singularities (offspring Universes).

This process of Cosmic Cybernetics Reproduction continues on indefinitely.

Mankind, the "Image of God" is the tool that the Divine uses to ultimately initiate the creation of κυβερνήτης Singularities and thus make possible Divine Reproduction.

Origins of the Known Universe

Revealed Texts of Abrahamic Religion

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