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John Macy Jr. Foundation

Messages & Information - Control through negative feedback that governs all purposeful goal seeking activity in living things.

Brain responds to color faster than any other visual stimuli.

Then they solved McCulloch’s paradox of circular networks. Drawing on the new conceptof circular causality McCulloch had gleaned from Rosenblueth at the Macy conference,

        McCulloch and Pitts set down a series of theorems describing the action in neural
        “nets with circles” that showed how the brain’s looping networks could give rise toself-perpetuating cycles of electrical activity, and how that “activity may be setup in a circuit and continue reverberating around it for an indefinite period of time.”
        Such a phenomenon, they asserted, could create persisting memories through electricalaction alone. More important, it could enable the brain’s computing networks to “predictfuture from present activities.” In that way, McCulloch and Pitts observed, theirmodel accounted for human “systems which . . . exhibit purposive behavior” and other
        “organisms . . . known to possess many such systems.”
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